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Our apologies, but we currently do not service your area. Update your location to find a provider in your area.

Areas We Service

Plans available within City Limits

Speeds dependent on exact service location. Please inquire by calling 1-800-392-8070.

Plans available Outside City Limits

Check out our Great Bundled Deals!

For customers served by DSL technology. Bundles not available in all areas.

The following Internet services are covered by the ACP program due to the $75 maximum discount available in Oklahoma, (excluding taxes): Internet 50 MBPS. Click here for more information about the ACP Benefit.

Find out about the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which
may provide a discount on internet service for eligible households.

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Lifeline Broadband Program

Fidelity is proud to once again help the people in our service areas by now offering a Lifeline Broadband option. This is a Federal assistance program that we will work in tandem with to help lower income families enjoy the benefits of a great internet service at home. Please click the following link below to download application. After completing the form, please take the completed form to your local Fidelity office to see if you qualify and help get you started.

Lifeline Broadband Application