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FidelityTV - Recommended Apple Devices

Recommended devices are those devices which provide for the best possible FidelityTV experience. In general, they offer more robust computing power, memory, video quality, Wi-Fi connectivity and remote controls.

Apple TV - 32GB (4th Generation)


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Apple TV 4K - 64GB


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Why do we recommend certain devices only?

We want be sure that customers using FidelityTV have the best possible experience, and we know this is accomplished when both the hardware environment and software perform optimally together.

With thousands of devices currently on the market, it is impossible to test our app on every device. Many of these devices perform well, however some are not suited for the best experience while using our application.

Fidelity and our vendors invest heavily in testing its mobile apps on many hardware platforms, monitoring performance, stability, and scalability, and then using the results to provide guidelines as a service to our customers. We are confident that those using devices on the supported list will have the best possible experience with their FidelityTV service.

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