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Fidelity provides an expanded portfolio of products to serve our customer needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities-based DWDM 10G network is geographically diverse with multiple centralized intra-regional hubs serving a five state region including Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas.

With a fully-operational 24/7 NOC, Fidelity monitors internal network facilities, as well as customer facilities. The Fidelity network supports industry SLAs and our clients' other stringent network requirements.

Fidelity has over 70 POP sites in our service area and we serve a variety of wholesale clients including ILECs, CLECs, ISPs, Wireless Providers and IXCs.

Carrier Ethernet Services

Fidelity provides Ethernet Connectivity from 3Mbps to 1,000Mbps, and supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 handoff options across our MSO, CLEC, and ILEC properties. Fidelity has NNI connectivity at 1GE or 10GE.

Data Center Connectivity

The Fidelity network connects to a number of strategic carrier neutral facilities and data centers that meet our customers' unique business applications such as disaster recovery, multiple ISP connections, carrier interconnections and cloud services.

Wavelength Transport

The Fidelity Optical Transport System serves bandwidth needs from 2.5G to 100G waves, and the waves are available in redundant or unprotected configurations.

Internet Service (DIA)

Fidelity provides clients in our local footprints a dedicated internet solution with connections to multiple IP providers that are redundant and scalable to meet speed requirements, with synchronous transfer speeds.

Cell Backhaul

Fidelity provides fiber connectivity to the cell tower for wireless providers. Our network serves both tower-to-tower connections and tower-to the MTSO links, protected or nonprotected with our unique fiber routes and 24/7/365 monitoring.

Dark Fiber Solutions

Fidelity can provide a number of dark fiber solutions. We will construct new fiber paths and lease or IRU dark fiber or conduit in our routes where available.

Regional Backbone Network Diagram

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POP List and Product Availability

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